Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing

Our Promise To You

Get your prototype board done by us!

Bring us your Prototype Board. If we can assist in improving the Board for manufacture, we will. Thereafter, you approve a quotation for manufacturing your board. We then proceed to manufacture and deliver the prototype/s to your satisfaction. We will then hopefully receive an order to produce the prototyped board in a production run. Against the production order we will CREDIT the full value of your prototype cost if it is less than 10% of the value of the production order. If the prototype cost was more than 10% of the value of the first production order we will pass the balance of any credit due against future production orders, if applicable. For additional queries or information contact James Barclay Loggie our Sales / Customer Relationship Executive.

Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing

Microtronix offers a complete turnkey service on your electronic products, from prototyping to a retail ready product. We offer a host of services including but not limited to: Surface mount assembly, conventional assembly, testing, final assembly, packaging, conformal coating, PCB washing, AOI, X-raying and much more. Our unique combination of equipment, services and 25 years of experience in the industry makes Microtronix a world class TURNKEY Electronics Contract Manufacturer.


High Volume Runs And Fast Turnaround

With the ability to place 400 000 parts per hour at our main factory and an additional 1 100 000 parts per hour at our high-volume sister factory, Microtronix is more than capable of fulling an order of any quantity. Due to the nature of surface mount technology large orders can be turned around at rapid speeds, allowing us to offer a 3-5 day turnaround time on customer free issued surface mount kits, depending on the order size and board complexity.



Pre-Production Runs

In order to facilitate a smooth transition from the prototyping stage to full scale production, Microtronix offer facilities for small pre-production runs. This allows both the customer and Microtronix to identify and rectify any potentional production issues before going to full scale production. This, not only saves on unnecessary costs but ensures successful production runs going forward.



Surface Mount Technology Assembly

Microtronix Manufacturing has a fleet 20 Yamaha, 14 Universal and 16 Panasonic SMD placement machines and modules formed into 14 production lines. These are complimented by a host of other state-of-the-art ancillary machines, including but not limited to; a Radial auto-insertion machine, Ovens, Printers, Automatic Optical Inspection scanners and X-Ray equipment. The state of the art lines that Microtronix currently operates are capable of placing over 1 500 000 surface mount components per hour. Each production line has a dedicated reflow oven which is capable of reflowing lead-free components. In addition, Microtronix makes use of a state of the art Jet Printer, which negates the need for a stencil for prototyping and smaller production runs.



Conventional Assembly (By Hand Or Machine)

Microtronix has an automated radial insertion machine to insert conventional parts which are used for large conventional production runs. Conventional parts that cannot be machine inserted are inserted on one of eight hand insertion lines where irregular sized or odd shaped components are inserted. PCB’s are then soldered through a Wave Flow Solder Machine as standard. Microtronix also has multiple hand soldering departments where the post fit or more complicated work is done on the product.



Assembly And Testing

In addition to assembling the PCBs themselves Microtronix is also equipped to handle mechanical assemblies to varying degrees of complexity. From simple potting to complex multi-PCB assemblies, our experienced staff will execute to the specified requirements. Our testing department is manned by qualified test technicians and, if required, all PCB’s are tested to our customer’s requirements. This ensures that the customer is given a fully tested product. Testing and programming of our products is of key importance to us to provide our Customers with peace of mind and total satisfaction. Test fixtures and bed-of nails test jigs can be facilitated by Microtronix.


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Microtronix has been certified to the ISO9001 requirements since 2006. By continually complying with these internationally recognised standards, we are confident that our quality management system, procedures and products are continually improving and meet both, local and international standards, for the benefit of all our customers. Microtronix has an X-Ray machine, AOI machines and various other optical inspection equipment as well as a team of highly trained quality inspectors and technicians to check all our PCBs through every stage of production.



Component Procurement

Customers have the choice to free issue their components to Microtronix or elect that our highly skilled Buying Department procure all the components needed to produce a fully populated PCB. We use a high-tech X-ray machine to scan and count component reels, tubes and trays to ensure accurate stock counts and faster kitting turnaround times. Our component pricing is very competitive due to the collective purchasing power derived from combined purchases of all our customers. We welcome customers to take advantage of this.