25 Years’ Of Microtronix Manufacturing

Celebrating 25 Years

An electronics manufacturer you can rely on, with 25 years’ of experience and counting. Dataweek have published many articles about us over the years. Click on a link below to read the full article.

The Only Constant Is Change

31 July 2019

We have used the above slogan a few times over the past 25 years at Microtronix and each time we apply it, it becomes even more relevant than before.

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From Zero To 100 Million Placements A Month In 25 Years

18 July 2018

Microtronix CEO, Mike Goodyer, tells the story of the company’s remarkable journey to becoming an electronics manufacturing force to be reckoned with.

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Growth Both Big And Small At Microtronix

13 July 2016

CEO Mike Goodyer updates the industry on what the company has been up to, what challenges it is facing, and what its future has in store.

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Set-Top Boxes See Light Of Day After A Year Of Gestation

12 August 2015

Mike Goodyer, CEO of Microtronix, reveals that his year-long vision to produce a fully functioning set-top box for digital TV has finally come to fruition.

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On A Positive Note (With A Pinch Of Salt)

8 October 2014

I realised that it is in fact me who is wrong and the government holds the master plan for our country, so I came back home and decided to embrace the new BEE codes and enter into a deal with great black partners.

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Where Two Worlds Collide

16 July 2014

Mike Goodyer: “It stands to reason that the more people who are employed the better everyone’s lives will become. But how do we keep reducing costs?”

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I Think It’s The Fresh Machine Oil That Does It

23 April 2014

Mike Goodyer, CEO of Microtronix, lets us in on the secrets behind his rediscovered passion for being part of the ever optimistic, frequently frustrating but never dull business of electronics manufacturing.

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Microtronix Adds New Universal Production Line

4 September 2013

The contract manufacturer has increased its capacity with the newly installed machines and associated software.

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The True Cost Of Manufacturing In South Africa

7 August 2013

Mike Goodyer, CEO of Microtronix, weighs in on some of the issues that are making it difficult for South African electronics manufacturers to thrive.

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SA Electronics Manufacturing Industry Faces Feast Or Famine

8 August 2012

As an industry we should not be looking at interim measures or quick-fix solutions but rather be planning for long-term sustainable solutions enabling us to walk the tough road ahead.

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Microtronix Boosts Production Capacity

23 November 2011

The company’s new placement capacity includes 10 lines amounting to 23 SMD machines.

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The Divorce Between Volume And Price In South African Electronics Manufacturing

3 August 2011

Microtronix’ Jason Wilford discusses how the ailing relationship between pricing and volumes can be healed.

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Microtronix Tapped To Make Audio Players

8 June 2011

In the manufacturing of the Audibible, 30 full-time trainees have been employed.

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Ad Valorem Excise Duties - A Blessing Or A Potential Curse?

11 May 2011

Microtronix’ CEO, Jason Wilford, wades in on issues facing South Africa’s electronics manufacturers.

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Suicide By Price Cutting For SA Electronics Manufacturing

13 April 2011

Jason Wilford, CEO of electronics contract manufacturer Microtronix, raises concerns over price cutting tactics pervading the local industry.

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The Final Match: China Vs South Africa

4 August 2010

With the constant threat that is thrown at local contract manufacturers by our customers to take manufacturing ‘offshore’, myself and Microtronix’ MD, Michael Goodyer, thought it was time to visit the ‘threat’ and see if production is really greener on the dim sum side of the fence.

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Microtronix Gearing Up For Success

5 August 2009

In 2006, Microtronix set up a separate division that was purely dedicated to small volume runs and for prototyping. The division is manned by a small team of people whose sole function is to turn small volumes and prototypes around in the shortest possible time.

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What We Must Do To Compete Globally - A Contract Manufacturer's Perspective

23 July 2008

It is becoming more and more important that South African electronics companies are going to have to start to compete more actively in the global market. 

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SA Electronics Companies Profile: Microtronix

25 July 2007

Microtronix has a history dating back to 1993 when it was established by Mike Goodyer as an electronics contract manufacturing business.

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Local Contract Manufacturer Sets Up Prototyping Department

26 July 2006

Getting prototypes out of most production houses has always been a challenge – as most engineers will confirm.

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