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Microtronix South Africa has 19 Yamaha SMD machines and 6 Universal SMD assembly machines formed into 9 production lines. These are complimented by a host of other state-of-the-art ancillary machines, including but not limited to; Radial & Axial insert machines, Ovens, Printers, Automatic Optical Inspection scanners and X-Ray equipment.

Main FactoryUniversal LineHigh Volume Line

The 10 state of the art lines that Microtronix currently operates are capable of placing over 4 million surface mount components per day. Each production line has a dedicated reflow oven which is capable of reflowing lead free components. Our main lines are also equipped for Nitrogen reflow. The lines employed range from a high capacity, 190 000 components per hour line, through to a low quantity pre-production line.

All SMD boards that are manufactured at Microtronix go through Automatic Optical Inspection machines to ensure perfect quality of SMD manufacture. All boards are also manually and visually inspected

The high volume production lines are fully automated. PCB's are automatically loaded onto the SMD line where the components are mounted, reflowed and then automatically unloaded without human intervention. Printing is done on vision enabled DEK screen printers.

Microtronix has two fully automated axial and radial insertion machines to insert conventional parts such as radial and axial components which are used for large conventional production runs, and LED conventional insertion these machines could provide a very useful tool in assembling the power supplies for STBS.

The fully automated Radial 8 Insertion machine inserts all radial components with lead spacing 2.5, 5 or 7.5mm at 16 000 components per hour with 100% accurate placement of polarized components. Available for small runs of as little as 250 PCBs.

Radial Placement MachineAxial PlacementRadial Placement

Conventional parts that cannot be machine inserted are inserted on one of five hand insertion lines where irregular sized or odd shaped components are inserted. PCB's are then soldered through a Wave Flow Solder Machine as standard.

Microtronix also has multiple hand soldering departments where the post fit or more complicated work is done on the product.

Hand Assembly LineHand InsertionWave Solder

In addition to assembling the PCBs themselves Microtronix is also equipped to handle mechanical assemblies of various degrees and complexity. From simple potting to complex multi-PCB assemblies, our experienced staff can get the job done.
Our testing department is manned by qualified test technicians and, if required, all PCB's are tested to our customer's requirements. This ensures that the customer is given a fully tested working product. Testing and programming of our products is of key importance to us to provide our customers with a final finished working product. Test fixtures and bed-of nail testers can be provided by Microtronix.

Testing BenchTesting and Final Assembly

Microtronix has been ISO9001 certified since 2006. By continuously adhering to and improving upon these standards we can assure our quality systems, procedures and products are of the highest standard. You  can view our latest ISO Certificate and SANS Certificate by clicking the links below.

ISO Certified

Microtronix has an X-Ray machine, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) machines and a team of highly trained quality inspectors and technicians to check all our PCBs through every stage of production.

Using this range of skills and equipment along with our internal data control systems we strive to deliver only the best quality product to our valued customers.

Auto Oprical Inspection 1Auto Oprical Inspection 2

Component Procurement

Customers have the choice to free issue their components to Microtronix or our buying department can procure all the components needed to produce a fully populated PCB. Our component pricing is very good due to the purchasing power from all our customers combined; in addition to this we also offer customers the advantage of purchasing components directly from out large stores. See what we have in stock here. We welcome customers to take advantage of this service.

Buying DepartmentStores

PCB Washing

In order to ensure the life, reliability, functionality and overall appearance of PCBs assembled by Microtronix we offer PCB washing services to your needs.

PCB Washing Machine

Conformal Coating

Microtronix offers selective coating with a precision spray valve which coats only areas you require, avoiding connectors and no-go areas. We are capable of coating the top and bottom of the PCB simultaneously; no masking, no mess and no fuss. Microtronix uses commercial grade Mil-spec HumiSeal 1B-31 Acrylic coating and is capable of silicone coatings as well.

Conformal Coating

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